Do you love to sing? WE WANT YOU!

Do you sing along to that awesome track in the car? In the shower? With your mates in the pub?

Want to take your singing to the next level? You should join The Wessex!

You don’t need any previous singing experience, nor do you need to be able to read sheet music. As long as you can hold a tune, follow notes and instructions – we’ll teach you the rest!

We are a 4-part choir. Top Tenor, who get the high notes, Bass get the lows, Baritone for the mid range and Second Tenors for all the rest! We’ll give you a quick vocal range check at the start so we can assign you to the right section straight away. (It’s not scary, don’t worry!)

We hold concerts throughout the year and often draw audiences in their hundreds.

YOU WILL SING ON STAGE! A great confidence boost, don’t worry, we’re there.

WE SING OFF-COPY! Just learn your words and your part!

THERE WILL BE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES TO SING! We’ll give resources to help.

YOU COULD GET INVOLVED! In additional tasks such as stage crew, ushers and more!

Come along to one of our recruitment evenings to get a feel for what we’re all about, and probably, a free beer in the pub afterwards. You don’t have to wait for a recruitment evening however, let us know if you’d like to come along to one of our rehearsals. Just call Nick on 07956 270354 or drop him an email at:

We rehearse at Abbey Meads Community Centre on Tuesday evenings, 19:30-21:30, then pop across to the pub after rehearsal for a drink and a chat.

Join The Choir
Pre-concert drink to whet the ol’ whistle!!
Celebrating after a successful performance

We’re not just lovers of a good pint!! We love to sing! We love to perform, and we really enjoy being part of a great bunch of guys, bringing a little bit of joy to others, giving something back to communities and good causes.

“I Joined the Choir after their performance at a family event and not looked back. The opportunities that the choir has opened for me are amazing! It’s great to do something different and rehearsal night gives me a few hours a week to forget about everything else and concentrate on learning our music and producing an amazing sound”

-Mark Freestone

“I joined The Wessex after a friend offered me a beer and a sing. It’s been fantastic! The camaraderie is so welcoming and the sound we make is just wonderful. Makes me wonder why I didn’t join sooner!”

-Conor Eagleton

“Having enjoyed singing at school, I was encouraged by a friend in the village to come along. I was apprehensive about meeting so many new blokes and whether my voice was up to it. I was met by the choir joker, Jeff, at the front door, was immediately made welcome and felt comfortable. A chorister was allocated to show me around the music and get me seated. Having not sung for years my voice took some months to get back to a decent singing standard. I’ve not looked back since.”

–Nick Brown

What to expect from our recruitment evenings.

Come along and see what it’s like to sing with one of the UK’s top Male Choirs! Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid, we’ll all learn a simple song or two (Tom’s Monty Python parodies tend to be popular!!) then you’ll get a chance to listen to us perform one or two of our favourites to show the level of quality and professionalism we are aiming for.

And then we’ll have a beer..!

Interested? click the button below and send us some details, our membership secretary will be in touch with more information.