Our New Season Starts With Northleach Concert

In a heart-warming display of musical talent and community spirit, The Wessex were delighted to be invited to Northleach to join the Church of St. Peter & Paul Choir. The small church played host to an enchanting choir performance that left our intimate audience thoroughly captivated and uplifted. With our new repertoire and a joint performance, our harmonious melodies resonated thorough the church, creating an evening of pure enchantment.

The Wessex Camerata

Led by our esteemed Musical Director Thomas Graff, the choir comprised a dedicated group of talented singers who poured their heart and souls into every note.

The Wessex at the Church of St. Peter & Paul, Northleach 2023

As the echoes of the final note faded away, those present were left with cherished memories of an evening that showcased the indelible magic of music in a small church, that briefly became a grand concert hall for the soul.

Our next concert is our Summer Concert in Swindon on July 14th. See our concerts page for tickets and details!